Wholesale Program


We can supply unique products to your company and your customers specifically tailored to your companiesí requirements.

Call us and ask for our Corporate Relationship Manager for more information.


We have special services for your respective organizations. Kindly call us for more information.


To open your wholesale account we need a copy of your Re-Sale certificate (State Issued for sales tax exemption) and your FEIN (Issued by the IRS) which will have your Business name and address.

You can fax these to us for faster service fill out the contact form with your information. Please note that we will still need your forms to be faxed to us even if you fill out our on-line form as the on-line form is just to speed up the process.

Once we receive your information we will contact you.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes. The minimum order requirement is $250 if your order is below $250 than there will be a $15.00 surcharge added to your order.

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Do we pay for shipping and handling?

Yes. Shipping and handling charges are applied to all orders. We ship Via FEDEX Ground and depending on how far you are from Illinois it will take between 2-6 days to receive your order.

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How soon do you ship after I place my order?

All orders are shipped within 24-72 Hours depending on time the order is received and Product availability excluding weekends and holidays.

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What is your return policy?

You have 7 days from the time you receive your shipment to call us and request a RMA for products being returned.Shipping charges will not be refunded. If you ship any products back without a RMA number the shipment will be refused.

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What if the items come damaged?

Make sure when you receive your order and you see any external damage to the shipping box than open it immediately and call us within 24 hours so that we can file a claim with the carrier. Do not throw away any contents including any items used to pack your box as the carrier representative might visit you to inspect the box.

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Do you offer a drop-ship program?

No. Currently we do not offer any drop-shipping services.

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What if we receive a wrong item?

We're just like you and sure we make the occasional mistake. If so, we admit it, apologize, and immediately fix it as soon as you notify us. Being less than honest about it is obvious to you and always disrespectful. And yes, we pay for any collateral shipping costs that occur if we are in error. No sense losing our self respect and your trust over a few dollars. Understandably you will be upset, but be civil about informing us. It goes a long way facilitating the fix. The person you are emailing or calling did not make the mistake but is here to fix any that were made.

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What are my payment options?

We accept all major US issued credit cards and Money orders. We will in certain circumstances ship COD to certain states but you will incur a COD fee from the carrier in addition to shipping and handling charges.

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Are the items shown on your Website the only ones you carry?

No. We have a huge collection of items not featured on-line and we strive to do our best to feature them when we have sufficient quantities to fulfill wholesale orders.

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Do you have a showroom we can visit?

No. We do not have a showroom but you can call us in advance and make an appointment with one of our sales Representative and they will give you the Day and time you can visit our warehouse so that we can offer you a more personalized service.

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NOTE: We are proud of the level of quality our producers and artisans uphold. However, all of our items are handmade, and unique variations from the item pictured occasionally occur. We ask that our customers keep in mind the unique nature of their purchases when evaluating a product for a return or exchange; for example, variations in color and pattern are not valid reasons for returns.

Please also bear in mind that One of a kind products are not available in multiple quantities.

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